Carolina Moore Notions

Carolina Moore has invented and developed a range of notions for quilters. She specializes in making quilting and sewing easier, and loves to create innovative products. If you're a quilter, ask your local quilt shop if they carry these notions. If you're a shop, ask your favorite distributor about carrying these notions.

Spot on Dot

The Spot on Dot is a set of magnifying lenses that adheres to any acrylic quilting ruler to magnify the lines, as well as the fabric underneath. There is a ring of reusable adhesive on the back of the Spot on Dot that allows it to adhere to the ruler - even it it has scratches or stickers. Over time, the oils from your fingers and lint in your sewing room will build up on the adhesive. Simply wash with mild soap and water to remove any build-up, then allow to air dry to use over and over again.

You will get more accurate cuts when you can line up your fabric better, which is exactly the purpose of the Spot on Dot. Watch the launch video for the Spot on Dot here. Purchase the Spot on Dot at your local quilt shop or online here.

Boxed Bag Template

When making a 3D bag, cutting the inset corners can be nerve-wracking! If you cut too far, you cut into your precious fabric. The Boxed Bag Template protects your fabric as you make perfect cuts every time. It is designed for boxed corners from .5" up to 4", and works with existing bag patterns. 

The Boxed Bag Template also has a curved edge perfect for the flaps on bags as well as many other uses - curving the corners on placemats, table runners, baby blankets, and more. And, there is a 45 degree angle for cutting perfect darts on bags, flaps, and other projects. This angled portion of the template will cut darts as small as .5" up to 3.5". Each Boxed Bag Template comes with illustrated instructions and a pattern for making a simple zippered pouch. Watch the launch video for the Boxed Bag Template here. Purchase the Boxed Bag Template at your local quilt shop or online here.

Foundation Piecing Water Pen

Anyone familiar with Foundation Paper Piecing will tell you that the worst part is taking out the papers! The Foundation Paper Piecing Water Pen is designed to solve this problem! Fill the reservoir with water, then run the spongy tip along your stitched seams. The water will soften the paper making it so much easier to rip away! No more adding stress to your seams as you pull away paper! The Foundation Piecing Water Pen is also great for tearing away triangle paper. If you love triangle paper but hate the extra work of ripping it away - the Foundation Piecing Water Pen is for you!

Watch the launch video for the Foundation Piecing Water Pen here. Purchase the Foundation Piecing Water Pen at your local quilt shop, or online here.

Precision Tweezers

Launched with the Foundation Piecing Water Pens, the Precision Tweezers are such a handy tool to have in your sewing room! From removing papers in the tiny tucked-in crevices of foundation paper piecing to pulling lint out of your sewing machine, you'll find so many uses for these tools! The fine point tweezers are sharp, and the curved tip will help them get into odd corners and angles. Great to use as a stiletto as well! And, they come in a lovely shade of pink!

Purchase the Precision Tweezers at your local quilt shop, or online here.

Cut Anywhere Tabs

You won't know how you did without these handy little cutting tabs! Use the hole to stitch a tab onto any project - a bag, your pin cushion, your lanyard... and you've now added a little thread cutting blade! Because it is stitched in place, you won't misplace it like your thread scissors. And it is small and inconspicous enough to stitch just about anywhere!

Use decorative stitches to add your Cut Anywhere Tabs, or tuck under a button if you want it to be hidden. These fabulous cutting blades should be added to every pin cushion and binding kit!

Five Cut Anywhere Tabs come in a package. You can purcahse the Cut Anywhere tabs at your local quilt shop, or online here.

... and more to come!

Carolina currently has more notions in development, including brand collaborations. Be sure to join the email list to hear when these new notions are launched! If you're a brand looking to collaborate on innovative products, reach out to